RaceThread.com: Self-Care for Regular Racers

Self-Care for Regular Racers

December 9th, 2019

by Michael Ryan

Health & Nutrition

Winning practices for your mind, body, and soul.


Among the best habits that you can get into as a runner is taking good care of your physical, emotional, social, spiritual, personal, and financial needs. Doing so improves the quality of your life significantly and helps solidify your sense of purpose. When you neglect one of the critical areas of your life, it creates a domino effect that impacts other things that create your sense of wellness. If there is any gift you give yourself this year, self-care is definitely your best choice!

Self-care practices that could benefit you as a racer include:

  • Physical options that include regular exercise, a low-fat, nutrient-rich diet, proper hydration, and quality sleep.
  • Emotional examples include implementing stress management techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and journaling.
  • Social can involve recruiting a friend to serve as an accountability buddy for you and asking for help from the people in your life, so you have more time to train.
  • Spiritual is deciding on your sacred space and spending time in it, reflecting, and connecting to your inner guidance.
  • Personal helps you be true to yourself and your goals so you can live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.
  • Financial examples include having the money needed to enter races, buy gear, and take time off from work to run.

You know your needs better than anyone else does. By continually trying to maintain balance in all areas of your life, you’re able to quickly recover from challenges and setbacks without them negatively taking a toll on you and your health. You know which areas of your life self-care is lacking and do what it takes to get back into the routine of caring for yourself.

It’s not enough to win the race you’re running in. It’s also important to be a champion in your day-to-day life, too. By focusing on taking good care of yourself, you carry the spirit of a winner with you wherever you go, especially while participating in turkey trots in Detroit, San Jose, or Buffalo this Thanksgiving. You’re paying close attention to what your mind, body, and soul need and finding new ways to treat yourself and others well.https://www.racethread.com/blog/health-nutrition/self-care-for-regular-races

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