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Benefits of Working Out With A TRX Suspension Trainer System

January 2nd, 2018

by Michael Ryan

Health & Nutrition

TRX Training has gained a mass following the past few years and continues to intrigue athletes and fitness geeks with its myriad of exercises and endless workouts. It is a radical workout method that uses gravity and your body weight as a form of resistance to develop balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, joint, and core stability. TRX Suspension Trainer system can help you achieve a variety of fitness goals such as building strength, losing fat, improving endurance and flexibility.

You can simply leverage the body weight to carry out a slew of exercises to give your body a complete workout while working on your core at the same time. And as you are working with a single training tool, it is easier to adjust your body weight on the fly; this will considerably reduce your training time as you can switch from one exercise routine to another in a matter of seconds. You can get the following benefits by working out with a TRX suspension training system.



Helps You Develop a Strong Core

If you build a strong core, you will have more than a visible and sexy six-pack. If you would like to feel, move and look better, it is ideal, to begin with your core. This reason is why TRX suspension trainer systems are perfect as they require you to stabilize and brace with your obliques, abs, and lower-back, enabling you to leverage your body weight as resistance. The TRX exercise routines heavily use functional and coordinated movements that can help increase your core fitness.



Perform a Variety of Exercises

The TRX suspension system offers you a wide variety of exercise options. Although the unit just contains two adjustable bands, it is good at providing engaging workouts for different muscle groups in the body. If you face away from the system, you will engage in various push movements, most of which are great for your shoulders and chest.

In contrast, when you are facing the unit, you are in an ideal position for pulling exercises which principally work your biceps and back. Moreover, the simple, yet effective, pulley mechanism in TRX suspension systems achieves the same results like those bulky and expensive cable weight machines found in the gym. In other words, it allows you to easily carry out any bodyweight exercise that your mind can conceive.


Boosts Cardiac and Muscle Strength

TRX suspension workouts are great for increasing cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. You can alter the speed at which you perform different exercises and raise your aerobic workout. It is important to keep the resting period brief to challenge your body fully so that you keep burning fat.

However, longer rest periods are usually more appropriate for strength training; you need to bear this in mind and program your routines accordingly.



It is Low Impact

Because of the suspended design, TRX suspension routines are often quite a low impact. This feature substantially reduces the risk of serious injuries. It is ideal for people who want to enjoy the benefits of intense exercise sessions without harming their joints and increasing the load (weight).

The suspension trainer used in TRX systems is very gentle on the joints. As your body is suspended in midair when you are performing these exercises, there is very little clanging resistance your body has to counter. Therefore, the workout is less jarring on the joints.



Suitable for All Body Types

TRX training can benefit anyone, whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, you will get something out of it. During different exercises your body position will alter the weight, decreasing or increasing the strain on the muscles. Everyone can benefit from TRX suspension training as it is one-of-a-kind with a variety of exercises that you can perform at different intensities. Also, you can adjust the level of difficulty depending on your fitness and activity level.


Engages Your Complete Body

TRX suspension trainer systems create instability while you are performing various movements; meaning your core is continuously activated. Also, the functional and coordinated movements ensure that multiple muscles work at the same time and this provides a very balanced and comprehensive workout.



Easy to Set Up

The TRX systems were designed by Navy Seals who wanted to stay fit within confined spaces. This reason is why they are very portable, and you can set them up anywhere you like using an anchor point. It can be easily set up at your home, or you can take it on your work travels or holidays.


As you can see, there are numerous reasons why working out with the TRX Suspension Trainer System is a great idea. You should consider incorporating it into your workout sessions to enhance the results you derive. Plus, it can help you reach your fitness goals quicker, while in the process boosting your overall health and fitness. 

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