Are Using Apps to Track Your Training Necessary?

October 17th, 2017

by Michael Ryan


Since everybody is either caught up in work or studies, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become a lot more challenging. Of course, not everyone is so lazy to the point of being overweight or facing different health problems, however, we should admit that attempting to keep ourselves fit is a huge step that will not only bring an array of health benefits, but also an attractive body as a bonus.




Nowadays, you don’t even have to splurge ridiculously on a gym membership or a personal trainer thanks to the availability of innovation and technology. For that reason and others, smartphone health market trends have predicted that over 3.4 billion mobile owners worldwide will use some kind of health or training app towards the end of 2018. So, why should you use apps to track your training?


1. Keep Your Progress in Check

For any form of fitness routine, progress tracking is necessary or there will be no way for you to know if and when you achieve your goals. Sure, you can weigh yourself once every week or you can use an app and find out comprehensive details such as calories burned, steps taken, your heartbeat, weight lifted, and many other important details.


Health and fitness apps feature visualizing tools such as graphs and charts. When you visualize your progress on a graph, it makes stuff a lot more understandable: how long you took to reach your final goals, which week were you most productive in, so on and so for. Studies suggest that data presentation can influence how useful we find that info and the fact visuals are much more encouraging than written words for behavior change. So when you use an app to track your training, your progress not only becomes more useful to you, but also more inspiring.


2. Workout ideas

If you are training on a budget then it can be difficult to plan a proper workout routine that really works for you. Luckily, your device can help. Vitogo, Nike Training Club, and other similar apps offer you plenty of workout plans and ideas based on your desired workout intensity and current fitness level. You no longer have to spend money on professional routines and fitness books.


Since fitness apps offer you access to huge databases of exercises and workouts, you will never find yourself getting bored or tired of doing a single workout day after day.


3. Set achievable goals

When you start a workout regime, it is important to set achievable goals that can be accomplished without injuring yourself or losing your motivation altogether. Taking a leap from a completely sedentary lifestyle to ultimate fitness in 15 days is not a realistic plan for a lot of people however; apps such as Couch to 5K can help you in setting and achieving reasonable goals in accordance with a tested time frame. Using such apps will help you keep motivated by setting achievable goals and then accomplishing them through apps like these.




4. Monitor your daily diet

Diet is a key part of fitness, and your smartphone can help you keep your daily diet in check. Whether your aim is to cut calories or fat or focus on high protein foods for weight loss, you can choose from a number of apps that will help you watch your food intake.


Examples of such apps include iWeight Deluxe and Weight Watchers Mobile, applications that will keep your diet in check so that you stay on track and achieve your goals better.


Are Fitness Apps Necessary?

Obviously, fitness apps are not a must-have when it comes to exercising and training, but they sure do make life a lot easier. Whenever and wherever you wish to exercise, you can get the appropriate information regarding your regimen. Furthermore, with virtual challenges, video inspiration, progress tracking and rewards, your interest and motivation will definitely boost. You don’t even need a gym to get started now since the majority of fitness apps have workouts with proper instructions, progress tracking, rewards, and many more options that will take your fitness life to another level.




Whether you are into weightlifting, running, or simply dieting, it is always helpful to know where you stand at the moment and where you can be at a later stage. Besides monitoring your progress, fitness trackers can act as great motivators in your quest to accomplish your goals. 

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