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How to Score Closeout Deals on Athletic Gear

March 26th, 2017

Hundreds of athletes end up buying the wrong sports gear in an attempt to get the best deal. Not all affordable athletic gear which is cheap fits you. Most of the stuff you get at 70% looks fabulous but may not be comfortable at all. Freedom of movement is an important part of racing and running. Here are a few ways you can score closeout deals on athletic gear:

Clearance and End-of-Season Sales
It is always a good idea to find useful sports gear at the clearance section of your local sporting goods store. Don’t shy away from asking about end-of-season sales as retailers are happy to clear out their existing athletic product gear to make room for in season items. If you find incredible discounts, buy sports gear for the next season and you will have enough sports equipment to last throughout the year. 

Look on Amazon or eBay
Apart from your local spots retailers, online stores are the best sources for scoring closeout deals on athletic gear. You can choose items by checking reviews and customer ratings. There are some items which come with their tags while others may be slightly used. 

Check Facebook
Facebook is no longer meant for communication only. It has become a happening place for promoting garage sales and selling things you don’t want. Find a group, which sells sports goods at relatively cheap prices in your area. Users score closeout deals on athletic gear and save a lot of money in the process. 

Purchase from Consignment Stores
If you are an amateur runner or athlete, you don’t always have to buy new stuff. Sometimes, used athletic equipment is just as good. Save money by purchasing items from a consignment store that sells sports goods in particular. You can also trade your unwanted gear for buying new stuff.

Ask Older Athletes
A great way to save money on buying expensive athletic gear is to ask older relatives or friends who can sell you their old sports gear. They may be happy to sell your stuff at a steep discount. This way, you can try out different types of sports gear and save up for buying new items later. 

Check Craigslist 
Have you been looking for furniture on Craigslist? It is a great place for buying sporting gear as you will find a large variety of all equipment at incredibly low discounts. Look for all items you need under the ‘For Sale/Wanted’ section for the ‘Sporting Goods’ category. You will be amazed to find a large range of items, from swimming gear to bikes, and can score closeout deals on athletic gear. 

Buy in Bulk 
Sometimes, buying in bulk is cheaper when purchasing athletic gear. Instead of buying running shorts or swimming goggles separately, buy them in large quantities so you can enjoy discounted sports apparel throughout the year. Here are some of the best sites to score closeout and discounted deals on athletic gear: 

•    Sierra Trading Post
The fitness wear selection features an extensive range of products for all kinds of athletes. The site has products from brands like New Balance, Nike and Marmot for runners to golfers and even surfers. Non-clearance items are available at a 30% discount. Nevertheless, for scoring the biggest steals, check the clearance section, where there are tons of shirts, fleeces and jackets (and more) available for up to 70% discount. 

•    Old Navy
Old Navy’s athletic gear knows no bounds. If you are looking for some basic lightweight sports gear or professional athletic wear, Old Navy is one place that enjoys great reviews. 

•    The Clymb
The famous Portland-based store is not just popular amongst climbers. The store has up to 15 different limited-time sales, which normally run for 3 to 7 days. This makes the site a great place to score closeout deals on athletic gear.

•    J. C. Penney
This online retailer is popular for its spectacular seasonal sale featuring all your favorite brands, like Jocky, Reebok and Nike. Enjoy high quality athletic gear for unbelievable rates. 

•    PlanetGear
Planet Gear features products for a week at a time. They normally have six to eight offers on any given day with athletic items on sale for 40% to 70% below retail.

•    Steep and Cheap
This is probably one of the best daily deal sites, and runs on a simple model. The site features one item at a too-good-to-be-true price and posts another similar deal once it sells out. 

•    Gear Cache
Gear Cache is the newest addition to the site that hosts sales on a bigger inventory of items and current cache sales include brands like prAna, Under Armour, Columbia and Patagonia. 

•    Chainlove
Chainlove works much like Steep and Cheap as it posts one deal at a time but they all sell all bike-related stuff. 

•    Overstock
Overstock has inventory from some lead athletic gear brands, including Puma and Hanes, and slashes their prices to make them affordable to purchase for you. 

•    Athleta Clearance
Generally, the items available from Athleta are pricy. However, from time to time, they have clearance sales. You can check their clearance section online and save up to 80% on your purchases. 


So, now that you know about these websites, scoring closeout deals on athletic gear should not be a problem.


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