RaceThread.com: A Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists

A Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists

December 21st, 2016

Looking for gift ideas to make your cyclist friend happy this holiday season... Whether it’s a new tool kit, a set of wheels or accessories for the cycle itself, we have assembled a great holiday gift guide to make your life easier. Here are some great gifts for cyclists you can choose from this holiday season:

Water Bottle

Water is an important dietary requirement most cyclists tend to overlook. Cyclists simply do not drink enough water to stay hydrated during holiday workouts, or don’t carry a water bottle. The cold weather can easily leave cyclists dehydrated, making it difficult for them to perform optimally.  Researchers have established a clear connection between fluid intake and exhaustion. 


The amount of fluid weight lost during the exercise also increases the rate of exertion. This means cyclists are prone to get more tired with less fluid intake. Studies indicate than 92% of cyclists drink water as soon as they get off the bike. This is why a water bottle is one of the most popular gifts for cyclists, in all seasons.

Coffee Mugs

A lesser-known fact about cyclists is most of them love drinking coffee. Since coffee and cyclists are a great combination, a mug featuring motivational quotes or vibrant colors make a great addition to a cyclist’s kitchenware to fuel their caffeine intake.

A Pull-Over

The cold wintery season means a pullover gift successfully combines chic styling with comfort. Give your special someone a water-resistant, breathable fabric for his/her cycling sessions. A pullover or an insulating fleece never goes to waste at a cyclist’s house. Some apparel is designed specifically for bike lovers. These feature a longer back for coverage and zip lockets, making them great gifts for cyclists.

Helmets and Caps

Undeniably, all cycling icons flaunt specialized headwear, whether they are on or off the saddle. Choosing creatively designed caps and helmets is a good idea.  It efficiently keeps the sweat or rain out of the eyes and shields the head from chilly winds. 




A Handy Toolkit

Toolkits contain everything required to fix a puncture, make small repairs or quick adjustments while out on a ride. There are many toolsets available from reputed brands that come inside an aluminum case. This makes it a neat fit to be placed by a molded rubber grip and magnets.


Many cyclists enjoy listening to music while riding. Music not only motivates cyclists to push the limits harder, it also serves as a great companion to boost exercise routines. Experts have also suggested music influences our mood and cuts down our rate of perceived exertion. With hundreds of earphones designed to suit everyone’s particular tastes and needs, it is not difficult to choose the right pair of earphones to keep your cyclist friend happily stick to his cycling routine in the winter season. 

Yoga Ball

An unusual gift choice for the holiday season, a yoga ball may just what your cyclist friend needs for staying fit in extreme weather conditions. When the chilly season makes it almost impossible to work out outdoors, a yoga ball does the job well indoors. Yoga is also helpful for managing upper back and lower back issues. Moreover, a yoga ball can enhance the effectiveness and impact of a yoga session. If your cyclist friend is into yoga, this is indeed a handy gift.  

As yoga is helpful in improving the efficiency and muscular control of our bodies, working out with a yoga ball reduces stress levels and muscle tension to improve flexibility of our tissues. Similar to cycling, it is an activity that helps you move effortlessly.




Compression Shorts

Compression shorts come with a base layer suitable for any form of exercise. Thanks to the knitted wrap design, your muscles are nicely supported with the compression needed to support muscles during cycling.

Moreover, the isotherm technology utilized in the design sustains the body temperature at 37° to prevent overheating as a result of an energetic workout. They are woven with anti-bacterial material so that bacteria do not spread. This product makes a great gift for a cyclist as using lower limb compression garments has a great impact on the stamina and performance of a cyclist. 

Carb-Protein Cakes

What is a holiday season without some cake? Most cyclists steer clear of sweets and sugar products. However, healthier alternatives to sugary treats make for great guilt-free gifts for cyclists. Choose from a multitude of protein muffins and cakes that are baked especially for cyclists. These treats give your friend enough protein and carbohydrates and are available in many flavors. Your friend will thank you for this uplifting gift without making you feel bad. 

These are the best gift ideas you can choose from for the cyclist in your life. Make him/her happy with something practical that they can really use!

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