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The 9 Most Exotic Triathlons in America

August 2nd, 2017

by Michael Ryan


Athletes are happy to find plenty of variety in triathlon events. Such races not only offer trekking, cycling or canoeing; they take place in exotic locations to double the fun. Here are some of the most popular exotic triathlons in America:



1.     Escape from Alcatraz

San Francisco

The famous event was first held in 1981. Since then, it has been handed over to several different owners and sponsors. At present, there are four different annual triathlons that are held on the island that was once the most notorious federal prison in the US. The prison was decommissioned in 1963. The race offers a completely different experience to its participants – not to mention you get to absorb and witness the local flora and fauna during the race.  

The course is challenging, which is precisely why so many athletes participate in it and gun for the first position. All athletes who complete the event are awarded with a commemorative brass belt buckle along with a special t-shirt.



2.     Wildflower Triathlon Festival

Lake San Antonio

Evert year in May, ten thousand or more athletes, volunteers, spectators, media and vendors make the yearly pilgrimage to Lake San Antonio in Central California to be a part of this legendary race. It is also popularly known as the “Woodstock of Triathlon,” owing to the sea of tents that are scattered through Monterey County Park. It was initiated in 1983 by Tri California’s Terry Davis.



3.     Donner Lake Triathlon


Another exotic triathlon that is widely popular among athletes is known as the Donner Lake Triathlon. The event takes place near Truckee, California. The course offers a stunning and scenic race that involves entire families, from kids to adults. This is an ideal outdoor adventure to create fun-filled memories for years to come.



4.     Superfrog


This ever-popular triathlon has military roots. Since this regimen was designed for Navy SEALs, the event specifically served as preparation for the popular Kailua-Kona Ironman. The event begins from the peninsula with a 1.2-mile swim in the Pacific Ocean. Participants later hop on their bikes to cover a four-loop ride along Highway 75. Since, it’s a flat and fast stretch of land, the course has mixed terrain and is fun to ride on. The race involves a full body workout, pumping major muscle groups – leaving you feeling buffed and pumped.



5.     Nautica Malibu Triathlon

Malibu, California

Runners who wish to test their stamina and participate with celebrities may find it and exciting and exotic triathlon to take part in. Not many events feature celebrities as Nautica's Malibu event. It consists of a dip in the Pacific with a city sprint. There are many Hollywood stars that you are bound to get a glimpse of every year.



6.     Lobsterman Triathlon


Nothing can go wrong with the combination of seafood and New England. Once athletes hop in the chilly Casco Bay waters and run along the scenic Freeport coast, they are rewarded with a post-race lobsterbake, with beer and steamers - a perfect American combo to justify the challenging triathlon.



7.     Hyannis Sprint Triathlon


This race begins with a swim at the Craigville Beach, in Atlantic Ocean. The course typically runs through general Cape Cod neighborhoods. This race is open to people of all ages as it promises and frolic for all participants. This is a famous triathlon in New England, which attracts up to 800 participants, young and old, every passing year. This exotic triathlon is one of its kind and is actually a tough endurance race that has eight stages. 



8.     Beach2Battleship Triathlon

North Carolina

If you want to experience getting a full workout, and if you want to test your endurance in chilly temperatures and ice-cold waters; you have to check this race out. Triathletes have to first encounter the morning tide and then get rid of their wetsuits to pedal to the legendary Battleship North Carolina, which is a famous American ship that dates back to the second World War.



9.     IronMan 70.3 St. George


This race has a long course and can become especially challenging when you have to finish 6,800 feet of continuous climbing (which is labeled as the only easiest activities in the event). Moreover, the Utah heat is likely to touch triple digits. Be careful and prepare yourself before participating in the IronMan 70.3.

These are 9 of the most exotic triathlons across the US. Participate in one of these to test your endurance, stamina, skills, and enjoy the natural beauty of the United States along the way.

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