RaceThread.com: A Guide to Fun Marathons for 2017

A Guide to Fun Marathons for 2017

December 29th, 2016

by Michael Ryan


Are you looking forward to 2017 already? If you are a marathoner, the new year will provide plenty of opportunities to test your skills and endurance. If you haven’t already started mapping out your race plans for 2017, you can check out the following races that you can then add to your bucket list. Without further ado, here’s a look at some fun marathons for 2017:


  • When: 19th March 2017
  • Where: Virginia Beach, VA
  • Registration Fees: $120 to $135

The Virginia Beach race has been welcoming 4,000 plus runners and marathoners to its flat and fast shoreline since 1973. Besides stretching along the popular beach boardwalk, the Boston Qualifying (BQ) course meanders through historic places, such as the Cape Henry Lighthouse and the spot where the colonists of Jamestown first settled back in 1607.

22,000+ walkers and runners participate in the remaining racing celebrations, which include a “leprechaun dash”, half-marathon, and 8K. Later, you can enjoy a swig and a jig at the after-race party with Irish meat stew, live entertainment, shamrockin’ swag and chilled Yuengling.



  • When: 17th April, 2017
  • Where: Hopkinton, MA
  • Registration Fees: $175 to $225

Each year, Marathon Monday falls on Patriot’s Day, giving it more of a holiday feel. It is the world’s earliest yearly marathon, with 36,000 participants who, each year, head to the starting point in Hopkinton line. They run their way past historic courses and challenge Heartbreak Hill while more than 500,000 onlookers watch eagerly. The participants finally make their way past the finish line on the street of Boylston. The Boston Marathon is more like a pilgrimage for marathoners, and often takes a lifelong of hard work to qualify, because you have to be super fast. 



  • When: 24th April, 2017
  • Where: Big Sur, CA
  • Registration Fees: $320 to $400

While Boston and New York may have more popular and esteemed races, Big Sur prides itself on breathtaking scenery that downright deserves a place on anyone’s marathon checklist. It is the world’s biggest rural marathon, and brings its participants a fulfilling running session along the Highway, towering redwoods, craggy cliffs, peaceful meadows and beautiful ocean views.

You can expect a smoother terrain in the beginning, but things get tougher once you reach Mile 10, where you climb up the feared 560-ft Hurricane Point. Be sure to save your energy for the last miles, where around 13 hills will come your way.



  • When: 1st May, 2017
  • Where: Vancouver, BC
  • Registration Fees: CAD $120 to $160

From 50+ countries, marathoners fly to Vancouver for this race. The package involves a complete tour of the city, stopping in 12 neighborhoods, three parks, the mesmerizing seawall and six beaches. The best part about this race is the view, where you will get to enjoy cherry blossom trees to snow-capped mountains. Moreover, about 70% of the marathon gives you a chance to visit shoreline vistas.



  • When: 12th and 13th May
  • Where: Shiprock, NM
  • Registration Fees: $65 to $75

Although the race comprises of only 1500 runners, the Shiprock Marathon is unique and intimate in its own way. Takings its participants trough the “Tsé Bit’a’í”, the Siprock itself, which is an isolated 1,583 feet high and 27 million-year old remains of a dead volcano, the 32-year Shiprock Marathon is an event which includes a half marathon, a team relay, 10K, 5K walk and kids race.



  • When: 21st May, 2017
  • Where: Eustis, ME
  • Registration Fees: $65 to $85

Sugarloaf Mountain is the largest area for skiing, situated east of the Rockies. Celebrating the race’s 33rd iteration this year, the Sugarloaf Marathon is one of Maine’s earliest racing contests and is known for its beauty. Around 1600 racers join the 15K marathon and travel their way through the beautiful Route 27 and western Maine’s scenic mountains.

The BQ course commences straight for continuous five miles before adding in a cluster of challenging hills. The ending 16 miles toss in an altitude loss of around 980 ft, making the race one of the 15 most challenging marathon sessions in the country. Plus, it is also charitable, having contributed approximately $13,000 as charity to the Sugarloaf Charitable Trust in 2013.


Try something new and exciting this year by participating in any of the abovementioned races. Not only will you be able to keep yourself active and healthy this way, but also make new friends, explore new territories, appreciate nature, and push your inner strength to the limit. Running is a refreshing and exhilarating experience, and that’s why you need to give it a shot. 


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