3 Tips To Improve Your Speed and Endurance

September 8th, 2022

by The RaceThread Team


If you're at a place in your running life where you are concerned with running faster and farther, you're not alone!


Those are the fundamental goals of runners at all levels, ages, and speeds. Your pace and distance ambitions will simply adjust according to your experience.


So, what should your training look like if these are your goals? Keep these tips top of mind as you begin your speed-endurance mission!

1. Keep increasing your mileage every week

Take a quick look at the structure of a few training plans (even if you’re not training for a race just yet). They’re designed to gradually increase your distance and push your speed—without overdoing it—which usually translates to a few short weekday runs, then one weekend long run that gets progressively longer each week.


2. Listen to your body

So, how many miles should you add to your training plan each week? Common running wisdom says you shouldn’t increase your total mileage by more than 10 percent a week, but only you will be able to judge the true amount you can push yourself by listening to your body.

That doesn’t mean you should double your mileage over the course of seven days (that’s a one-way ticket to shin splints)it just means you should pay attention to how you’re feeling and adjust your mileage accordingly. Remember, most hard training sessions should be followed by at least one, and even two restful, recovery days.



3. Add in speed to your longer runs

You might automatically believe that speed work alone is the key to running faster. Yes, while weekly speed work is beneficial, it doesn’t really replicate a real-life race. We recommend mixing speed work in long runs to prepare your body to push through the inevitable fatigue you’ll experience in a race and even try picking up the pace for the last minute of every mile.




If speed work feels downright miserable right now, just start by focusing on your endurance. Running for 20-30 consecutive minutes can be scary when you’re not used to it - and that’s okay. Just build a strong endurance up, then slowly add in some simple speed intervals from there if you feel ready.

Because let's face it, the best way to boost your speed and endurance is to make running fun and enjoyable, not miserable.So keep at it, one run at a time!


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