RaceThread.com: RaceThread Review Widget

Share Your Reviews on Your Website with RaceThread Widgets!

February 17th, 2019

by RaceThread


We're making it easier than ever before to share the reviews of your race with a larger audience. Introducing RaceThread widgets, a convenient way to embed ratings from RaceThread directly onto your race website.

How do they work?

Our widgets create a custom code snippet just for your race, which results in a badge with your race rating. You can place a badge anywhere on your website that supports HTML. Your widget dynamically pulls information from your RaceThread profile, meaning that once you have it placed, there’s no need to swap it out if you receive new reviews.

What options do I have?

We have several options for the way the badge can display on your website:

  1. Star Rating
  1. Star and Average Rating
  1. Review count
  1. Stars, rating and number of reviews


How can I claim my badge?

Visit your director portal and click on “Widgets” to access your badges.