RaceThread.com: Race Review - Ragnar Trail Snowmass 2018

Race Review - Ragnar Trail Snowmass 2018

June 17th, 2018

by Chris Remillard


The 2018 edition of RAGNAR Trail Snowmass showed the consistently well run and organized events that RAGNAR puts on. There was a little snafu this year though where they didn't confirm their request to have soccer field sprinklers turned off. Luckily it's so dry in CO that by 0900 things were dry. It made for a great story to reflect on as well. Otherwise the Snowmass scene is amazing with great views, well-marked courses, and plenty of food and water opportunities both in the village and on the trails (well not so much the food part on course).




As far as trails go, expect non-technical dirt paths that switchback along the hillsides surrounding the village community center. The ups are steep and the downs exhilarating, especially in the dark. It's been particularly dry this winter so the moondust like dirt was thick. A handheld water bottle on the shorter loops served less to keep you hydrated but rather for rinsing out your mouth. Chewing gum helped tremendously throughout the weekend. The trails are fairly exposed so if you come, bring plenty of sunscreen and other protective layers. The suns intensity is astonishing at 8000ft and can make 75 deg weather feel like 90.




If you are a sleeper during the downtimes I highly recommend setting up camp on the baseball diamond/soccer field side of the village (across the street from the start/finish). Much quieter area and the porta johns aren't as frequented. Speaking of porta johns. The company that maintains them is phenomenal. Always seemed cleaned and stocked with TP. Major shoutout to them for great service both in 2017 and this year.


The village is well organized and always has something going on. The provided meal is good and filling though nothing notable. The staff and volunteers are super friendly and made the overall experience fantastic.


I highly recommend this race for its laidback atmosphere, well organized execution, and beautiful scenery.




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