10 Oddball Halloween Races You May Not Have Heard Of...But You Should Consider

October 8th, 2019

by Michael Ryan


Whether you are actively training for marathon season or you are feeling the weight of eating too many bite-sized candy bars, these spooky Halloween races are sure to get you excited for all of the ghouls and goblins to come!

For an extra fun experience, plan to show up on race day in your costume! Go to have fun – not to set any PRs – because you surely won’t be running with aerodynamics in mind with those giant fairy wings or that huge cape.




Halloween in Emmaus 5k  

Emmaus, PA
October 19, 2019

This race winds along the same route as the Emmaus Halloween Parade, which delivers loads of spectators that cheer the costumed runners along to the finish. The catch is that runners have to finish in 40 minutes or less so the parade can begin on time!






Haunted Hustle   

Middleton, WI
October 19-20, 2019

The Haunted Hustle is unique as it has a Spooky Duo, which is a 5k on Saturday and a 10K or half marathon on Sunday. Once you finish your race, enjoy the live music, bonfire and other events!






Spook Hill Cider & Wine 4 Mile Run  

Burkitsville, MD
October 19, 2019

This fun run is found in Burkitsville, which was featured in the 1999 thriller The Blair Witch Project. That detail coupled with the legend of Spook Hill, which is known to make cars in neutral appear to roll uphill, makes this run extra spooktacular.






The Great Pumpkin Haul 

Englewood, CO
October 5, 2019

Although this short run is only 1 mile long, the course is tougher than you might expect. Runners need to navigate ford rivers and hay bales, while carrying a big orange gourd! Enjoy a pumpkin beer afterward to reward yourself for your agility skills.






The Great Go! 

St Louis, MO
October 20, 2019

This fun 5k not only offers you the opportunity to burn calories but also gives you a chance to load up on Halloween candy at its candy stations! There is nothing like carb loading after a run!






Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon & Freaky 4-Miler  

Miami Beach, FL
October 26, 2019

This flagship city for the Halloween Half Marathon Series goes all out for the holiday. In addition to the half marathon, the race recently added the Freaky 4-Miler, which is full of scenery. Put on your sexiest costume to fit in with this Miami-style run.






Devil’s Chase 6.6-Miler 

Salem, MA
October 26, 2019

This 6.6 mile long run is spooky as it is set in the area of the 1962 Salem Witch Trials, where women who were accused of witchcraft were burned at the stake. Locals are known to be extra friendly and cheer runners on during this race – some of whom even offer Bloody Marys to runners along the course.






Sleepy Hollow Halloween 10K 

Sleepy Hollow, NY
October 26, 2019

Take a run through some of the spookiest folklore spots America has to offer, in an area that inspired the terrifying tale written by Washington Irving. This 10K course stretches along the Hudson River, offering views of the famous Headless Horseman Bridge. You’ll also pass by the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and the Colonial Era Old Dutch Church for some added eerie-ness.






The Haunted Hustle (Utah Style) 

Salt Lake City, UT
October 26, 2019

This Haunted Hustle is extra spooky as it takes place after dark. Along your path, you will experience the Tunnel of Terror, the Zombie Graveyard and the Foggy Forest before reaching the finish. Those frightful sites are sure to help you reach your best PR!






Monster Dash 

St. Paul, MN
October 26, 2019

You can run a 5K, 10K, 10 mile and half marathon at this fun race where runners are dressed up as monsters and superheroes. Grab some sweet swag at this race as all runners get a finisher’s medal and race jacket!



So whether you are looking to test your endurance with one of the longer 10K's or half marathons, or just looking for a ghoulish time....running your next Halloween race is sure to put a smile on your face and the friends and family you run with.  Which race do you plan on running?


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