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How to Run For Weight Loss

August 20th, 2017

by Michael Ryan

Health & Nutrition

Running is an unbeatable exercise for weight loss. Not only is it one of the most effective ways to lose calories; it also strengthens your muscles and increases your endurance level to help you perform well in all facets of life.

Past research and studies have indicated that running is known to burn more calories than lifting weights. However, you need to be a speedy runner to accomplish the best of results.

If you have tried various ways to lose weight but have not achieved the desired results; then running may be the best exercise for you. There are a few basic tips that all professional and amateur runners should follow to lose weight by running. In light of this, here are a few ways to run efficiently for weight loss:



A Great High-Intensity Workout

You would be glad to know that running works even when your body is at rest. High-intensity training stimulates and triggers the ‘after burn’ effect in your metabolism. This means you keep on burning calories throughout the day after a good run, provided that you don’t quickly consume the lost calories. Diet plays a critical role in a journey for running and total weight loss.  

As per studies, it has been clearly indicated that running leads to 90% more effective weight loss results than walking.




You have probably heard that walking a mile and running a mile are both the same things. Even if that myth has any reality attached to it, is only natural to feel more energized and refreshed even after a short running session. This is because running increases blood circulation and helps to speed up your metabolism.

That is why many people find running to be more beneficial than walking to burn calories far more effectively as well as reap the overall health benefits of running. You can run once or twice a day to include running in your workouts. Research suggests that running may burn more calories per minute than walking, provided you are running at the right speed.



Easy to do

Although a large percentage of weight loss enthusiasts have invested a significant amount of money into using weight loss equipment; nothing is easier to fuel your weight loss process like running. You can track your running performance with many wearable devices that monitor your calorie burn and steps to keep a record and history of your training. Plus, you can just about run anywhere you like. Be it parks, your neighborhood or on the treadmill, there is really no hassle involved.   



It Feels Good to Run

Have you ever wondered why some of us abandon our weight loss plans in the middle? That usually happens when we are not enjoying what we do. Luckily, that’s rarely a case when you are running. Once you become addicted, you will never miss your running session no matter how cold or hot the weather is. Scientific discoveries note the links between exercise and the release of endorphins (feel good) chemicals and hormones. That’s probably the reason why you are likely to stick to your running routine.



Important Things to Know Before Running

If you want to run for longer distances, you must support your diet with the right kind of nutrients and by eliminating empty calories. Each runner may have individual requirements to run effectively. However, all runners must take sufficient amounts of carbohydrates and fluids to run for weight loss.

Make sure you are not starving or taking a low-carb diet. Running on zero energy and calories can result in injury and lead to possible health complications. Moreover, you could faint and fall.

Strength training is one of the best ways to boost running performance. All runners should perform strengthen building exercises to build a powerful core, lift weights and adopt a workout that includes all the necessary movements to support calves and leg muscles, for example, squatting.

A well-trained body uses less oxygen to power muscles during running so you are able to run for longer periods of time.

Running also boosts self-confidence and your approach to problem solving. Apart from shedding pounds, you will get more energy to perform well at both work and home.


Final Thoughts

Doing aerobics or taking dance classes are a few fun ways you can lose weight as well. However, nothing matches the endurance, strength training and many long-term benefits that running promises.

Many people cite running to be the best therapy for maintaining mental peace and a great physical activity to combat stress during a weight loss program. Running has helped thousands of people to shed hundreds of pounds. Transform your life with a healthy lifestyle and good running for a happier life.

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