Sourland Semi-Classic

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Sourland Semi-Classic 0 Reviews 0 Sourland Semi-Classic 53 East Broad St, Hopewell, New Jersey, 08525, United States

Cycling: Road Race - 60 Miles Sunday, February 28th, 2016

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The Spring Classics are not all about the Monuments! In tribute to the second tier classics, we present the Sourland Semi-Classic (SSC), a ca 60 mile ride that explores the Sourlands Region of Central New Jersey. It will offer a gentler way to prepare for the main spring events While some of the roads have been used by the Hell of Hunterdon, the HoH cant get to all the places wed like to.

There is much more excellent riding to be had in the Sourlands; the SSC is our attempt to showcase it. If the HoH is the Ronde; the SSC is Het Nieuwsblad; it will take in some of the same roads, but it will hit them differently and go other places as well.

Of course there will be some unpaved roads to go with the famous Sourland climbs and flats.

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