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: Road Race

RaceThread.com Saturday, February 10th, 2018

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Your season is under way! Second Life Bikes invites you for an evening of roller racing and fun!

Spectators welcome. Both road bikes and track bikes will be allowed.

Club Championships

We are adding club championships to the schedule for this date. If you have a club, team, or shop and you would like to race other members of the same club, team, or shop, get in touch and your group will be added to the schedule.

What are rollers?
Rollers could be thought of as a treadmill that you ride your bicycle on.

What is roller racing?
Roller racing is a form of indoor bicycle racing. Competitors race each other as hard as they can on their own bicycles while riding on rollers. Their position in the race relative to each other is represented by the movement of colored hands on a large analog dial.

What makes roller racing exciting to watch?
These are short, fast, very intense races. Spectators often crowd very close to the racers and the entire competition happens in view of the audience. It takes great skill to ride at high speeds on the rollers, with the winners often riding in excess of 200 revolutions per minute!

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