St. Patricka??s Day Dunedin and Palm Harbor 5K/10K

Dunedin, Florida

Dunedin St Pats 10K

I entered this race because it was on St Patrick's Day, it was a 10K and Dunedin is a major Scottish/Irish Celtic part of Florida. The course was along the Pinellas Trail which was very lovely, tree covered, not super scenic but flat. There were a lot of references signing up about the "St Pat's Party" which I assumed was at the sponsor bar. Well, the party was all over Dunedin that day and the bar was not really that fantastic and I was a little disappointed that the "beer" at the end of the race was not Guinness or any other Irish beer but Michelob Light. The food served was good. It was a little weird at the end of the race that I had to pick out which medal I wanted and pick out the kind of tee shirt. Overall though it was a nice little race, not too big or too small. and there is certainly plenty to do in Dunedin after the race is over. Would have done it again this year but I am out of work and my knees are messed up. There wasn't a post race expo which explains my low rating.