Ashenfelter 8K Classic

Glen Ridge, New Jersey

A Fun Start To My Indoor Season

The Tom Fleming mile was my first ever road mile and I really enjoyed it. I didnat expect stellar competition but, I wanted to get a fast time before the upcoming indoor track season. Luckily, there was a comparable athlete to run with. My only concern is the amount of children on the starting line. I was worried about hitting one or stepping on their toes. Besides that, it was a wonderfull start to thanksgiving. For one, the coffee before hand came in clutch; itas a standard pre-race ritual of mine. I also really like the shirt. Lastly, Tom Fleming was a local legend and from my understanding, an amazing coach. Through out my high school track career I heard stories about his his coaching statagies, particularly his words of encouragement for running hills. Next time I receive flowers, Iall likely place them in my glass vase awarded from the Tom Fleming mile.