Ashenfelter 8K Classic

Glen Ridge, New Jersey

Great race and great tradition. Cheap shirt practices.

I and friends/relatives have ran the A8K almost every year since it started. And before that, the Glen Ridge/Ridge Runners Turkey Trot 10K organized by Leonard Joy. Going back to 1980 or thereabouts -- so over 35 years. It's a great race and a key part of our Thanksgiving tradition. Well run and fun. It also has great tshirts, with great designs. My sole complaint is that, for the last several years, you always run out of the good tech shirts, Always. Even though w get there well before the race start.
Why?! That doesn't happen w/other races. At least this year you had alternative cotton shirts (better than getting a womens' XS) but why not just order enough? Everything else about the race is top notch, but this cheapens the experience. And I know the race raises $$ for charity, which is terrific and I contribute extra every year. But why cut corners on the shirts? Just one man's opinion. Thanks for asking.