Ashenfelter 8K Classic

Glen Ridge, New Jersey

I Long For the Good Old Days.....

I remember when the race was small and intimate. How I wish I could still add to my Ashenfelter mug collection. They are big, beautiful, and fun to drink from. I have red, green, blue... (mid-2000's, when even older people could be included in the first 100 finishers). But alas, the race has thousands of young participants from near and far. I finish about 90 women too late.

But such a nice course, such nice people, such great food and drink before and after. Very generous. Love the long sleeve shirts as well. (They do not always have a year on them. Please make sure to have a year printed somewhere).
I think I won third in my age group. Does one receive anything for this feat?
A Very well organized race.
Thank you for hosting/organizing a Thanksgiving Day race, Glen Ridge and Dan Murphy!