Ashenfelter 8K Classic

Glen Ridge, New Jersey

Ashenfelter 2018

This is my "don't miss" running event for the year. It's always great. I talk it up among my kids and their friends and am always out recruiting to get more folks to participate.

The t-shirt from the Ashenfelter is the one t-shirt of the year that I absolutely make sure I get. I'm proud to wear it every year. That being said, I felt this year's t-shirt design was not as strong as in previous years. I've always liked the more Olympic/Greek themed shirts, and especially the one's that featured Mr. Ashenfelter. Still great swag however.

I was very saddened when Mr. Ashenfelter passed away this past year, and hoped there would be some more significant mention of his passing or moment of silence. I understand it's difficult to do as the crowd grows, but thought a bigger tribute would have been nice.

Thanks for arranging such a great race, especially as the field continues to grow. Sign up and packet pick up are always easy. Crowd control is always great, the police are very courteous and reassuring. It's always a thrill to be among so many dedicated and happy runners.

See you next year.
Ed McFadden