Big Bad Wolfe Run

Columbus, Ohio

I look forward to this every year

I've completed this race every year that it's been held, it's one of my favorite ones in Columbus. The crowds aren't huge, everyone is friendly and has fun, but it is also still fairly competitive (13.5 min/mile puts me way at the back of the pack on the 10 mile run- but I personally have not been swept from this course like other races I've run.)
The course is on a paved trail, mostly through the woods which is a nice respite from the summer heat.
The lines for the bathroom are fairly typical- long but not terribly so. There are a few on the race course as well.
I love the hooded sweatshirt and the medals that they hand out, it's much nicer than the usual free race swag.
The vendors are always friendly without being overbearing- one of my favorites is Hartzler Dairy.