Pukwudgie MTB Time Trial, Trail Run & Team TT (King of Spring Race #1)

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RaceThread.com Pukwudgie MTB Time Trial, Trail Run & Team TT (King of Spring Race #1)

RaceThread.com 110 Slab Bridge Road, Assonet, Massachusetts, 02702, United States

Cycling: Time Trial - 6.8 Miles

RaceThread.com Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

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Early Spring is the perfect time for an MTB Time Trial. This is a true test of how much you’ve maintained your fitness this winter and a great way to shake off the cob webs if you haven’t. This race comes right off of the heels of The King Of Burlingame, New England’s first MTB race each season and one of our favorites. Our almost 7 mile course in Freetown/Fall River State Forest covers some very cool and challenging trails that the Freetown 50 does not cover. It also rolls through a few F50 trails, but in reverse!

This event now features a Trail Run as well!

The Pukwudgie was believed in Wampanoag folklore to be a small creature known for terrorizing humans who venture into the woods of Freetown alone. On one of our rides through Freetown one of guys laid claim to one of the trails as his “Pukwudgie Trail” because he always gets poked and stabbed on it and never seems to leave it with his bike in one piece. The name of our TT was born!

The Pukwudgie awakens the first Sunday in April, one week after The King Of Burlingame TT.

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