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RaceThread.com Frosty Foot Trail Races

RaceThread.com Tsali State Forest, Almond, North Carolina, 28702, United States

Running: 30K Trail Run, 50K

RaceThread.com Saturday, January 20th, 2018

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In addition we are bringing back the trail 8k. Prepare for a great scenic rolling course, and to be semi -self sufficient. There are 2 Aid stations on the 30k and 3 on the 50k at approximately mile 5, mile 14 and mile 23 (50k only). Each Aid Station will have water, and electrolyte, gels. Frosty Foot is going CUPLESS! Foot Rx and RUN828 Foundation are dedicated to protected the forest and trails we all love! Our continued comitment to hosting sustainable events and limited wast we are not offering CUPS at the AID Stations. You should be carying a water/electrolyte source for the race - plan on refilling it as necessary at the AID STATIONS. The trails always look better when the race is finished than they did when the race started. THANK YOU for your comitment to keeping our forests beautiful!!

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