Cantua Creek Road Race

RaceThread.com Interstate Hwy 5, Coalinga, California, 93210, United States



: Road Race

RaceThread.com Saturday, February 17th, 2018

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This is an open road course (thought controlled at the turnarounds); there is other traffic on the roadway; always be aware of it and be prepared to slow and/or maneuver; warn riders behind you of hazards. Stay away from the centerline! 13-mile piece of old Hwy 33 (Coalinga/Mendota Rd) to north, closed to regular vehicle traffic (and very light even normally) but expect some farm traffic, through rolling oil-land hills and flat farmland. Out-and-back course for a total lap distance of 26 miles. Wide turnaround at north end, uphill turnaround at south. Finish is uphill. Good pavement, some rough edges, some tractor mud on course. Start just north of parking, finish is two miles north of Hwy 33 intersection.

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