Berzerker - Team Obstacle and Endurance Challenge

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Berzerker - Team Obstacle and Endurance Challenge 0 Reviews 0 Berzerker - Team Obstacle and Endurance Challenge 18585 Verdemont Ranch Rd, San Bernardino, California, 92401, United States

Obstacle/Adventure: Short - 5K Obstacle Run Saturday, January 7th, 2017

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Are you ready for the next evolution in OCR?

Berzerker is the first team obstacle course racing event. Participants will form, or be placed into, a 4-person team. Together as a unit you will navigate a 5K course filled with both individual (walls, monkey-bars, mud pits and more) and team obstacles (tire carry, cliff climb, team slide, and more). Sign up for the Berzerker Elite division and compete for prizes, or enter the Viking Trials (open heats).

BerzerKids is a 1K, obstacle course designed for young, 4-12 year-old, Berzerkers. Participants will be paired up with another racer and together they will conquer the course.

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